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Process Of Krishna Packers and Movers

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packers and movers in chennai krishna packers movers

packers and movers in Chennai – krishnapackersmovers.com

Krishna packers and movers :

Krishna packers and movers, The best Packers Movers company Located In Tamil Nadu, Especially who Are Providing our Services for Coimbatore and Chennai under the low cost with high safety measures. We will not compromise with safety and quality at any cost,

Why Krishna Packers and Movers Best?

We Are Providing the best service under packers and movers  category with Economical Cost. compare to all other companies providing transport facilities for packing and moving.

Krishna packers and movers

packers and movers in Chennai -Krishna packers

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Speed
  • Support
  • Routine Inspections

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Proper Packing and unpacking
  • Professional loading and unloading
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Packing and moving insurance
  • Car carrier & transportation
  • Providing a Shifting Helper if needed
  • 24×7 Customer Care
  • Tracking your Goods

Process Of Krishna packers and movers in Chennai:

Hers at Krishna packers and movers, The steps of shifting process are well defined, well planned and technically integrated, and also so easy to understand that even a layman (a person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject) can get a glimpse of process and how is it going to work. Typically, our Krishna packers and movers system involves ten step division of the entire process, which is as follows:

1. Booking with us.

2. Fixing the day for Survey to know the Exact Requirement

3. Confirmation of booking

4. Packing Process

5. Providing a Shifting Helper if needed

6. Transportation

7. Tracking your Goods

8.Reaching Destination

9. Customer Care

10. Getting feed Back

1. Booking with us.

packers and movers in coimbatore book online call for booking packers and movers in coimbatore

The system is very simple to reach us, whereby we have made ourselves available to you at just a call or a click. We have developed a well-developed booking system, with a quick and easy way for you to reach us at any time through Phone Call or by online Booking. The call will be attended by our executive at booking team, who, presentable and updated to confront you, will take down your details, and forward the details to our truck allocating team, and would fix a survey day as suitable for you to know the exact requirement to shift your goods. Not only via phone, but you can also reach us by filling a query form that is available on our packers and movers in Chennai website’s each page.

2. Fixing the day for Survey to know the Exact Requirement

survey form by packers and movers in chennai

best packers and movers in Chennai

A Field checking team will appear at your place on the day and time fixed as per your availability. Our team would be equipped with all the requisite tools that will assist them to evaluate the goods to be transported and hence, he will come up with an Estimated Cost and best suitable truck or van for the move. On-demand and consent of the customer, he will finalize the shifting price, and he will give you a brief about the intricacies and the workings. He will plan the entire moving process in accordance with the laid terms and conditions. As easy as that! Your task ends here only. after that entire work will be carried by our packers and movers Team.

3. Confirmation of booking

confirmation_of booking packers and movers in chennai

confirmation of booking

Once confirmation of booking is done by the customer, the quotation is issued followed by quotation finalization and a final confirmation of moving your goods by our packers and movers team.

4. Packing Process

packing process handled in packers and movers in chennai

packers and movers in Chennai -KPM

The Packing Supervisor gets in touch with you, and will drop at your place timely for the infallible packing process. Our packing team is well trained on all the techniques. they will extremely take care of your valuable goods at the time of packing, which purely depends on the characteristic of the goods involved. If it is a fragile item, the team packs the goods using multiple-layer protective packing and if it is an electronic item, then the chords are first safeguarded, and consequently it is passed to the further packing treatment. After getting assured that all the documents are ready and the payments are made, the process is moved to the next stage by our Krishna packers and movers team.

Packing the household items is a kind of art and needs to be performed with extra care and adopting necessary safety measures. Being in this packing and moving the industry from almost five years, doing various experiments and earning enough experience, we continuously make efforts to improve our services for extreme customer satisfaction. customer satisfaction is our primary goal of Krishna packers and movers Team.

The goods are equally valuable to us as to the customers. Therefore, we pay high attention towards the safety and security of consignment. For this, Krishna packers and movers Ltd. adopt additional safety measures while moving that has made the ratio of our repetitive customers go high. Some of our Packing boxes include:

Types of Packing boxes we are using:

Here are some examples of moving boxes which basically we use for successful and easy relocation which is used by packers and movers in Chennai team. If people use these types and specially shaped boxes then your relocation can be easier when packing and loading process, unloading and unpacking will be more simple and easy with the help of specially shaped.

Kitchen boxes (8x18x22 inches)

File boxes (16×12.5×10 inches)

Wardrobes boxes (24x24x40 inches)

Picture boxes (41x6x26 inches)

TV moving boxes (24x24x24 inches)

Extra Large Moving Boxes (23x23x16 inches)

Wardrobes boxes are used to pack clothes, these boxes will protect your clothes from being dirty while moving. Kitchen boxes are using to pack kitchen items, Picture boxes are using to pack living room items, these boxes have a cotton layer inside the box to prevent the pictures which are framed in Glass. File boxes are used to pack important things and papers and files, TV moving boxes are using to pack large size of materials such as TV, microwave etc.
Furniture such as drawers, dressers, bed posts, etc. can avoid being damaged in the moving truck by saran wrapping them. When you put these items in a moving truck or any vehicle, they tend to get scratched by other objects. Saran wrapping them will help avoid getting scratched.

5. Providing a Shifting Helper if needed

helpers packers and movers in chennai

Shifting Assistant packers and movers in Chennai

It is of a type of your private shifting assistant from our side, who will be with you for the entire process of moving to help you, from starting till delivery is made. This Shifting Helper Is Optionable, If you need a shifting helper we will allocate Helper, if you have your own team, then you can use them.Else Do You Need a Helper Support? we will give helper support in Krishna packers and movers Team.

6. Transportation

transportation packers and movers in chennai

Transportation packers and movers in Chennai

After getting a green signal and conclusions of the requisite payments, the transportation team gets into action instantaneously. we provide door to door transport service as one of the best packers and movers in Chennai.The carriers are deployed and reach the customer’s residence place on time. All the packed goods are loaded on board of these humongous carriers, and then the consignment is transported via the means and ways thus planned beforehand. This process is so fluid that not even a minute comes to a standstill, and with the aid of timely communication and proper planning, the goods are moved to the destination place well before time safely.

7. Tracking your Goods

gps-vehicle-tracking packers and movers in chennai

packers and movers in Chennai – Tracking Goods

The driver of the concerned vehicle will be in constant touch with your shifting Helper, and coordinates the same. We also have an extensive use of automated technology for tracking, in the form of Vehicle Transporting System By Gps (Global Positioning System).  By the use of Gps System, our Krishna packers and movers in Chennai Helpline team will notify you about the delivery status. You can also Call the Provided Shifting Helper to know the current place where the truck is coming, where This Tracking Process Is Specially Carried By Our Tracking team in Krishna packers and movers Team.

8.Reaching Destination & unloading

unloading-boxes-from-truck-packers and movers in chennai

unloading packers and movers in Chennai

The goods are moved to the destination place well before time denoted by us. so that you can get your goods on time at your new home. Then the unloading process of your goods from our trucks will take place. and we also provide u unpacking in optionable manner. The loading and unloading of goods are always a risky task to do. Mad-handling of goods might result in the loss of your most valuable items, which is why people consider it comfortable to hire a moving company to do the desired task. Being a front-runner in the industry, we are ( Krishna packers and movers ) able to deliver the goods to the new place in their present condition.

9. Customer Care

customer-care_24_7 packers and movers in chennai

customer support Krishna Packers Movers

Just in case, if there are any issues raised by our customers, the role of our Customer Care department becomes active, and they settle all within due time, so that the reason for commotion or inconvenience fizzles out. In addition, all the claims for the damages or losses incurred are settled on a priority basis so that the bond of trust that we share with our customers remains “intact”. We hereby advise our valued clients to declare the correct value of goods.

10. Getting feed Back

feed back packers and movers in chennai

packers and movers in Chennai

After the End Of moving process, we will take a small survey to the customer about our service. This Process Is to know how we did. This is also optionable, if you give us a feed Back, we will find our faults in the process of packing and moving done by the Krishna packers and movers in Chennai Team, and we will find a way to demolish the faults on our Future Process. This will extremely Helpful  for us to know about our Service. and this will help us to provide a better service than anyone in packers and movers industry.

 Our Five principles are as Follows

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Speed
  • Support


Here at Krishna packers and movers in Chennai quality is the important thing than others, we will not let it compromise with any other values at any cost, quality is the first priority for us.here we denote the quality as providing the best truck based on the customers need, and packing their goods with best packing materials, we will deliver our best class of quality service to our customers.


We Give Our best service to satisfy our customers need. with the Efficiency Rate in the Market. Also, We Will choose the best route for moving customers goods, with the best short route, and good transport road to ensure to save the goods from damages due to bad road conditions. in our packing section itself we make sure to give the best safety for goods.


we deliver your goods as soon as possible with the good safety precaution. Also, we provide the best class of vehicles for reaching your destination quickly. which are maintained routinely with every kind of services need for the vehicle. under routine inspection by the packers and movers in Chennai Team.


we provide full safety to your goods, we are using only experienced drivers for driving.with minimum experience of 2 years in packing and moving services. Here at packers and movers in Chennai we will inspect our vehicles in a routine manner for service, to ensure the  Safety of the materials.also before we start moving our vehicle we ensure whether everything is perfect in the vehicle.


we support our customers on the entire process of their shifting, relocating, packing, moving their households to their new location. Giving best Customer support and satisfaction is our primary aim. Krishna packers and movers in Chennai Team will assure to support throughout the entire process of packing and moving.

Routine Inspection:

We regularly conduct internal quality inspections. These inspections cover all activities relating to the management of the quality of the Krishna packers and movers in Chennai system. Internal audits are conducted by the qualified Quality Manager of the Krishna Packers Movers Group or a member of our independent and qualified auditing staff. The Quality Manager and the auditors ensure follow-ups on corrective measures and the conclusion of internal audits. Results are regularly reviewed by the management team of Krishna packers and movers Team.